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Headlock’d: A Case of Mistaken Identity

This week, we play musical masks with Sin Cara, Davey Richards fails to understand what “context” means and find ourselves very pleased with a rather obvious Simpsons reference. (No, not that one… put the cigarettes and short length of hose away.)

Let’s Lock Up!

Headlock’d: Dixie’s Yard Sale

This week we discuss who will buy TNA, The WWE Network and whether imitation is a form of flattery.

Let’s Lock Up!

Headlock’d: Where the Action Never Ends

This week we discuss How the Action Never Ends, the return to Universal and Sunny’s Twitter woes.

Let’s Lock Up!

Headlock’d: Night of Champions Predictions

It’s PPV Sunday, which means we have an asston of content, at least a third of which will be drug related. We’re starting off with the Headlock’d prediction show, and we’ll have What’s the Worst That Could Happen? and the Night of Champions drinking game to get you prepared for the show.

Tonight’s the night, THE NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS! Where a plurality of titles are on the line and at least one might change hands. Possibly, but we’re promising anything.

Headlock’d: The Post-John Cena Four-to-Six-Month-a

We look at the post-John Cena landscape, make funny jokes about Nintendo and tell you all you need to know about the future of the WWE. Also, photoshops. Let’s Lock Up!

Headlock’d: A Whole New Attitude

Headlock’d is back on Mondays this week after last week’s (VERY ACCURATE) SummerSlam predictions to talk about the best storyline the WWE’s had since the Summer of Punk. And if you like references to former cultural touchstones that will be lost on a depressing number of young fans, then do we have a show for you!

Headlock’d: SummerSlam Prediction Special

Noah is back this week to, you know, talk about wrestling and because it’s SummerSlam weekend, predict what’s going to happen at the show. Also, if you like Greek mythology/Disney references, then do we have a couple of Brock Lesnar/Curtis Axel/Paul Heyman jokes for you!

Let’s Lock Up!