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Headlock’d: A Case of Mistaken Identity

This week, we play musical masks with Sin Cara, Davey Richards fails to understand what “context” means and find ourselves very pleased with a rather obvious Simpsons reference. (No, not that one… put the cigarettes and short length of hose away.)

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Headlock’d: PPV Predictions – 2013 Survivor Series

This week, we give our Pay Per View Predictions for Survivor Series and our thoughts as to who will be left standing tall.

Headlock’d: TNA Goes Old School?

It’s Headlock’d once again. TNA misunderstands the meaning of “Old School”, R. Truth misunderstands the meaning of “rap album” and we put Manchester on blast!

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Headlock’d: Off to Camp

The WWE goes to camp, Roman Reigns finds himself in the Rumor Mill and developmental gets a talent injection.

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and, because wrestling news never stops, Noah takes a look at the Kassius Ohno/Chris Hero release with our first ever Headlock’d ADDENDUM:

Headlock’d: Dixie’s Yard Sale

This week we discuss who will buy TNA, The WWE Network and whether imitation is a form of flattery.

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Headlock’d: Where the Action Never Ends

This week we discuss How the Action Never Ends, the return to Universal and Sunny’s Twitter woes.

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Headlock’d: Veil of Ignorance

Low Ki retires on Twitter, Wyatt gets D-listed and You’ll never guess who was this week’s World Heavyweight Championship Douche Canoe, Dude!

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