What’s the Worst That Could Happen?: Bound for Glory


It’s Bound For Glory Sunday! Which means it’s time to ask What’s the Worst That Could Happen? at BFG (you’d be surprised). Tomorrow, we’ll be giving you our world famous Bang for Your Buck PPV review to let you know how good you should feel about spending money on TNA’s biggest PPV of the year.

To make sure you don’t miss anything, follow us (or me) on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Now that we’ve gotten the shameless plugs out of the way, let’s figure out What’s the Worst That Could Happen in San Diego tonight:


Pre-Show Gauntlet Match: Bad Influence vs. E.Y. & Joseph Park vs. The BroMans vs. Chavo & Hernandez

Best Case Scenario: Everybody gets a chance to shine and do their routine, but Bad Influence eventually prevail by rolling up a distracted Eric Young and/or Joe Park.

Worst Case Scenario: Chavo and Hernandez win, setting up a Tag Title match between two teams that are whatever the opposite of over is.

What Dave Wants to Happen: As I wrote in my Impact preview this week, Bad Influence are the only one of these teams deserving of a spot on the BFG card. They have been on the MVP shortlist for TNA over the course of the last year and deserve to be featured on the company’s biggest show.

What Will Happen: Bad Influence win, giving fans a match featuring babyface champions against heels who have both good heat and a solid chance of winning.


Knockouts Title Match: ODB vs. Gail Kim vs. Brooke

Best Case Scenario: ODB wins clean with her finisher, leading TNA to book her as an actual top babyface who the division’s heels take turns running at.

Worst Case Scenario: Lei’D Tapa gets involved, allowing heel Brooke Tessmacher to get the win and the title.

What Dave Wants to Happen: ODB wins because, well, she’s the only real babyface in the division. Lei’D Tapa stays as far away from this match as humanly possible.

What Will Happen: Lei’D Tapa gets involved, allowing heel Gail Kim to get the win and the title.


World Tag Team Championships:

James Storm & Gunner vs. Pre-Match Gauntlet Winners

Best Case Scenario: Bad Influence (our BCS winners of the pre-match gauntlet) win the Tag Titles, putting the gold around the waists of TNA’s most over tag team.

Worst Case Scenario: Chavo & Hernandez (our WCS winners of the pre-match gauntlet) and GunStorm have a thoroughly clunky match in which Hernandez drops Storm on his head, injuring him for the three-thousand-two-hundred-and-sixty-fifth time in the last two years.

What Dave Wants to Happen: See Best Case Scenario. Seriously, Bad Influence have tallied more minutes on TV than any other team in the last year and consistently have the best matches. How can any other team be portrayed as “champions” in a world based even one percent on merit?

What Will Happen: GunStorm and Bad Influence have a well-worked face vs. heel match which GunStorm win when James Storm pins Kaz following the Last Call superkick.


Ultimate X Match for the X Division Championship:

Austin Aries vs. Manik vs. Chris Sabin vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe

Best Case Scenario: A really exciting, athletic match in which each man shows off what makes him a unique talent. It comes down to Chris Sabin and Jeff Hardy shimmying along the ropes towards the belt, at which point Sabin thumbs Hardy’s eye and snatches the title, leading to his whole heel turn angle actually making sense.

Worst Case Scenario: B-O-T-C-H-A-M-A-N-I-A. Everybody gets hurt, causing a non-finish which leads to the X Division Title being “held in abeyance.”

What Dave Wants to Happen: Jeff Hardy wins the X Division Title and goes on a long run reestablishing the belt as a top title. He defends the belt regularly on TV against a wide variety of different opponents, ultimately holding the title until Destination X when he cashes it in to return to win back the TNA World Heavyweight Title.

What Will Happen: Everybody “gets their shit in,” but like all Ultimate X matches, there is a severe lack of cohesive storytelling. Manik somehow unlatches the belt and retains in spite of being the least over guy in the match.


Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode

Best Case Scenario: A show-stealing match that highlights why they are considered two of the best workers in any company. Angle looks strong and sure-footed in his return and Roode is at his big-bumping heel best. The finish is rendered almost completely unimportant by how good the match is.

Worst Case Scenario: Angle suffers another broken freakin’ neck because he got drunk before the match, destroying any positive vibes the rest of the show manages to create.

What Dave Wants to Happen: These two have a long, strong match. Roode wins clean, finally getting the moment over Angle that he should have had two years ago.

What Will Happen: Kurt Angle goes over clean to put a cherry on top of his Hall of Fame induction night.

Magnus vs. “The Icon” Sting

Best Case Scenario: These two have a surprisingly strong match considering where Sting is in his career. Both men stay strong babyfaces throughout the match with no heel-turn shenanigans. Magnus reverses a Scorpion Deathlock into his Cloverleaf to pick up the huge win.

Worst Case Scenario: Any possible scenario in which Sting wins.

What Dave Wants to Happen: Sting digs down deep and has his “Obi Wan Kenobi” moment, effectively putting over Magnus and elevating him to top star status.

What Will Happen: Sting looks utterly blown up ten minutes in. Magnus goes over, but the match isn’t good enough to elevate him to the level it’s designed to.

World Heavyweight Championship Match:

A.J. Styles vs. Bully Ray

Best Case Scenario: A long, strong match in the ring with minimal bells and whistles. A.J. wins clean.

Worst Case Scenario: Bully Ray wins.

What Dave Wants to Happen: Before the match starts, all TNA’s babyfaces stand at the top of the ramp to ensure that Aces & Eights cannot help Bully Ray defend his title. The entire locker room watches as A.J. defeats Bully Ray “in the middle of the ring” to achieve his destiny and become World Heavyweight Champion again.

What Will Happen: The match has its moments, but also relies extensively on brawling around the building and a whole ton of Aces & Eights hijinks. A.J. Styles gives Bully Ray a “taste of his own medicine” much like Chris Sabin did and wins the title in a less-than-clean manner.


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