#BullyRayWeek: GIF Parade

It’s Day Three of #BullyRayWeek, a celebration of all things Dudley and the fifth installment of our patent-pending Juice Make Sugar Wrestler of the Week series. We started off with A Wrestler You Should Probably Know Better, before we gave you the finer points of the Mongo Vyle oeuvre with some Essential Viewing. Today, we march through the end of Hump Day with a #BullyRay GIF parade. Tomorrow we’ll fulfill our destiny as Amazon.com on steroids with “Juice Make Sugar Recommends…“. before finishing everything off on Friday with a Difference of Opinion (where JMS HQ erupts in a 3D!-fueled civil war.) 

He is kind of a creep.


and he really loves to powerbomb people.

powerbomb especially through tables. And especially if you are a Hardy.

rayandmaeyn7 YouTube-BubbaRayDudleyPowerbombsthe

but he doesn’t discriminate about how he gets people through them


and, like most of our Wrestlers of the Week, sells whatwastatsell and sellstumblr_mo1htf1VjI1r9tz28o1_250 and sells 12016 - Hardy_boyz Jeff_Hardy autoplay_gif bubba_ray_dudley gif ladder leg_drop matt_hardy royal_rumble table wwf  and sells12014 - Jeff_Hardy autoplay_gif bubba_ray_dudley chair gif royal_rumble wwf

sometimes, maybe too muchcheese grater

but he’s made something of himself in TNA, so that’s nice.

Here’s a GIF of him doing an nice looking RKO. Enjoy?



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