#WilliamRegalWeek: GIF Parade


It’s the Day Three of #WilliamRegalWeek, a celebration of all things Made in England and the third installment of our (patent-pending) Juice Make Sugar Wrestler of the Week series. We started with A Wrestler You Should Probably Know Better and gave you the finer points of the Darren Matthews oeuvre with some Essential Viewing. Now, we’ll march Hump Day with a GIF Parade before making our Amazon.com-on-steroids dreams come true tomorrow with “Juice Make Sugar Recommends…“. We’ll finish everything off on Friday with a Difference of Opinion (where JMS HQ erupts in a tea-fueled civil war.) 

There is more to life than hurting people for William Regal

Tommy Dreamer

Not a lot more. Especially if you’re Christian

Knee Tremblerregalstretchonchristian

But, in those moments where he’s not pretending to brutalize his co-workers, he likes to catch with old friends:

Goldust Regal

teach young performers his signature moves

Double Regal Stretch

so that they can fill comfortable trying them on their own:

Daniel Bryan Regal Stretch

But, this being wrestling, they usually end up turning on him

Best Sell Ever for Daniel Bryan

and that NEVER ends well

Dean Ambrose Knee Face

That’s okay, though, he’s found a way to deal with it:

Dancing Regal


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